The website of the Collas about Gerolamo

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„The end of the 18th  century had already confirmed  the puppets’ success and fortune in Milan. And not only  for the ancient masks of the Italian  Comedy but, above all, for a new funny character particularly loved by the Milanese public: Gerolamo della Crina. We have no exact news about his birth, as it always happens for the characters become famous, but it was probably born at Callianetto, a small village near Asti, towards the first half of the 17 century as entertainer of a large public in the squares of  villages and small towns. In the 18th  century he is the main character of the performances of the puppeteer Sales to whom he caused a lot of troubles for the  homonymy with some real people that boasted of noble birth and famous relationship. In Genoa, in fact, Mr. Sales was asked to leave the city because the Doge Gerolamo Durazzo didn’t like a puppet, always ready to throw arrows to the powerful and winking at the public, to have his own  name.“